What the heck is Nitrox anyway? Many people assume that Nitrox is a deep diving gas for professional divers only and that it requires the use of expensive, specialized, equipment. These assumptions ar... Find Out More

Dry Suit

Have you ever said that the diving season in Vermont is too darn short? Well, then take up drysuit diving and make it a comfortable year-round sport. The diving portion of this course will give you th... Find Out More

Ice Diving

This course will teach you the skills necessary to dive safely into the unique and beautiful environment under the ice. Cost: $595.00 Class Schedules: At the moment, no classes are scheduled.... Find Out More

Nautical Archaeology

Come discover why Lake Champlain is considered to have the best preserved collection of wooden shipwrecks in North America. Shipwrecks lie virtually intact for centuries in the cold dark waters, like ... Find Out More

Underwater Photography

Digital underwater photography can be both challenging and rewarding. However, achieving good underwater photos requires not only an understanding of the principles of photography and good diving skil... Find Out More

NAUI Recreational DPV Diver

This course is a continuing education course designed to provide the diver with the introductory skills and knowledge needed to gain experience and minimize risks while conducting dives with a DPV in ... Find Out More

Full Face Mask Diver

The purpose of this course is to train divers with the necessary procedures, knowledge and skills to safely dive with a full-face mask (FFM). Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are c... Find Out More

First Aid & CPR

This is a comprehensive course in standard first aid, aquatic life injuries first aid and Scuba maladies first aid. It also includes CPR and blood born pathogen training.   Cost: $95.00 ... Find Out More

Dan Emergency Oxygen Program

The Divers Alert Network, DAN, Emergency Oxygen Program for SCUBA Diving Injuries is designed to teach techniques of using Oxygen as first aid for suspected diving injuries. This course will cover rec... Find Out More