Repairs and Service

Our certified service technicians can do repair and warranty work for any of the brands that we sell. We are also able to arrange warranty work for almost any major brand, even ones that we do not sell. We do wetsuit and drysuit repairs as well. Hydro service is available and we do visual inspections on steel cylinders and on aluminum cylinders with eddy current testing.



                                      Repair Bench                                                                                   Hydro Station



Service and Repair Costs

Regulator  Service Price
Regular Inspection $30.00
Overhaul (1st Stage) $30.00
Overhaul (1st and 2nd Stage) $50.00
Overhaul (2nd Stage) $20.00
Overhaul Airsource $20.00
Aga Mask Inspection $45.00
Aga Mask Service $60.00



Cylinder Service Price
Hydrostatic Test $30.00
Hydrostatic Test Failure $20.00
Hydrostatic for Carbon Fiber Wrapped Cylinders $35.00
Hydrostatic VE $40.00
Tank Clean $15.00
Tumble & Clean Cylinder $20.00
Valve Service $12.00
VIP Steel & Aluminum $20.00
VIP VE (Pre- 1990 Aluminum Cylinders) $25.00



Instruments Price
Battery Change & Inspection $15.00
Instrument Pressure Test $20.00
St. Moritz Watch Battery Replacement $30.00



Drysuit Price
Drysuit Leak Test $50.00
Neck Seal Installation (Labor and Parts) $72.00
Wrist Seal Installation (Labor and Parts) $40.00
Ankle Seal Replacement (Labor) $25.00
Latex Hood Installation $95.00
Hood Purge Valve Installation (Labor) $12.00
Hood Replacement $30.00
P-Valve Installation $60.00
Warm Neck Collar Installation $84.00



BCD Service Price
BCD Inflator Service $15.00
BCD Inspection & Cleaning $25.00
BCD Inspection, Cleaning, and UV Protection $29.00