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Kreig Pinkham

Kreig Pinkham

Kreig has been an outdoor sport enthusiast his whole life.  He was an avid ice and rock climber through his teens and early twenties, but traded his rock shoes and crampons for fins when he got certified in 2010.  He claims that he's happy to dive anywhere he can find the zen of neutral buoyancy and he's travelled the globe trying to find it from the caves of Mexico to the Red Sea to the depths of the Northern Atlantic Coast.  Low and behold, Kreig's travels made him realize that you can find neutral buoyancy anywhere there's just a bit of depth and Vermont's lakes and ponds are an equal gateway to that peace.  In addition to being an active NAUI instructor, Kreig holds a number of additional certifications from SSI/TDI including: Full Cave; Sidemount diving; and Extended Range/Decompression.  He's also an avid underwater photographer when he remembers to take his camera.  While Kreig says he's happy diving in a mud puddle, his truest dive passions are sidemount diving and awakening the love of the sport in new students.