• Gear Sales – Waterfront Diving Center is a full service shop selling SCUBA, Snorkeling and Swimming equipment from many of the worlds leading manufacturers. (visit our gear section for a full listing.)
  • Service - Our certified service technicians can do repair and warranty work for any of the brands that we sell. We are also able to arrange warranty work for almost any major brand, even ones that we do not sell. We do wetsuit and drysuit repairs as well. Hydro service is available and we do visual inspections on steel cylinders and on aluminum cylinders with eddy current testing.
  • Rental - From Snorkeling equipment to full SCUBA gear we can accommodate most rental needs. Equipment includes 80 & 63 cubic foot aluminum cylinders, 7MM wetsuits, boots, hoods, mitts, AquaLung and ScubaPro B.C.s and regulators and DUI drysuits.
  • Air & Nitrox - Waterfront Diving Center has two Poseidon compressors that supply a combined 17CFM fill capacity. Our air is tested quarterly and meets Grade E breathing standards. We also pump Nitrox using a continuous blend system called the Stik, which does not necessitate the O2 cleaning of cylinders for mixes from 21 – 40% oxygen. We store premixed EAN 36 to enable us to provide fills on short notice.
  • Charter Service - we organize charters during the local dive season, (from early June through mid October), to dive sites throughout the Champlain Valley, including the wrecks of the Underwater Historic Preserve. Visit our Adventure section for our schedule.
  • Travel - We organize both group and individual travel to destinations worldwide. Our group trips have taken us to the Caymans, Cozumel, Bonaire, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Belize, the Bay Islands, Saba, St. Kitts, Truk, Palau, Fiji, Indonesia and more. During the local diving season we organize weekend long trips to regional destinations such as the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts, The St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario.
  • DAN's Travel Insurance - Cover your dive or dream vacation!


  • We Have Gift Certificates. Stop in, call, or email.


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