• Shore Diving

Shore Diving

Not all diving has to be from a Boat. Vermont offers a variety of dive destinations that are best accessed from shore. Take a look at some of our favorites!


It is always a good idea to take a look at beach status before you go to a site. Burlington beach closures can be found here. Other dive sites may require you to call the site directly.


A towable dive flag is required at all times when diving in Vermont.


If you have any questions about local shore diving you may contact the shop at 802-865-2771 or info@waterfrontdiving.com.

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Oakledge Park

Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT 05401

Oakledge is a popular training site for us and is a great option for a beginner diver. The grass area by the pavilion allows for easy setup. Divers can then proceed down the stairs and enter the water. The “Dolphins” are the main attraction at the site, but oil pipes, the pit and even an old wreck are also of interest


Thompson’s Point

Whiskey Bay, Charlotte, VT 05445

Thompson’s point is a great site for any dive level. This wall dive gives flexibility to choose any depth you like. Of note are some sunken treasures (marked by navigational lines). There are also large geological formations around 100ft on the wall. Thompson’s point also offers a good opportunity to see lesser seen colder water species like lake cod. Use the gravel lot on the right side of the road. Then proceed across the road to the small path to make your way into the water.


Sunset Lake

Sunset Lake, Orwel,l VT 05760

Sunset lake offers a change from Lake Champlain. This spring fed lake offers good visibility and plenty of fish life. Surprisingly, sunset can reach a depth of over 100 feet giving the divers a range of options. Beware, the thermocline in sunset can be strong, be prepared with good exposure protection. Divers can park along the road past the culvert. Divers can then enter the water at the main beach area or along the road and any of the openings.

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