• Local Charters

Local Charters

During the summer we work with independent charter captain Larry Boivin to provide transportation to Lake Champlain’s beautiful collection of wrecks. These charters begin in June and run through mid-October.

Thursday evening single-tank charters meet at Waterfront Diving Center. Those needing rental equipment should arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. The dive briefing is at 5:30pm and the boat leaves Perkins Pier at 6:00pm.

On the weekends we offer two-tank dives to some of the wrecks that are farther away from Burlington Harbor. Meeting times and locations vary. Divers are expected to be ready to dive at the specified time. The dive briefing for the weekend charters is at 10:00am and the boat leaves Perkins Pier at 10:30am.

We offer dives to accommodate all levels of experience. Although a Dive Master or Instructor is onboard for all our charters, our dives are NOT guided dives. After a thorough briefing, it is expected that divers are capable of planning their dive and diving their plan. Divers wishing to dive a location listed as Advanced must be Advanced certified and have logged cold water experience and have their own lights. All dives are expected to adhere to NAUI Safe Diving Practices.

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a given dive, please feel free to speak to one of our helpful staff.

Single tank charters start at $55* and two-tank charters start at $70* for local destinations and $80* for destinations further away. Prices do not include rental fees. Rental equipment is offered at half price for any shop-planned event. Equipment reservations should be made at time of registration.

Please be sure to call ahead to book your spot on the boat, spaces fill-up quickly. We book a maximum of 6 people and need a minimum of 4.

Please Note: Locations and dates subject to change. Special charters - time varies. Any cancellations due to weather will be made by 3:30 p.m. on day of charter.

*Prices are subject to change from season to season.

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

Available Charters: Summer 2021 

Date:                                         Day:                                 Time:                                                 Destination :                                                                                     Level:

June 2nd Wednesday 5:30pm @WDC General Butler Beginner
June 9th Wednesday 5:30pm @WDC OJ Walker Intermediate
June 12th Saturday 10:00am @WDC Horse Ferry & Lone Rock Point Beginner
June 16th Wednesday 5:30pm @WDC LaVallee Tug Advanced
June 19th Saturday 10:00am @WDC Phoenix & Ferris Rock Advanced
June 23rd Wednesday 5:30pm @WDC Horse Ferry Beginner
June 27th Sunday 10:00am @WDC General Butler & OJ Walker Intermediate
June 30th Wednesday 5:30pm @WDC Lone Rock Point Beginner
July 8th Thursday 5:30pm @WDC OJ Walker Intermediate
July 10th Saturday 10:00am @WDC Willsboro Bay Intermediate
July 15th Thursday 5:30pm @WDC General Butler Beginner
July 18th Sunday 10:00am @WDC LaVallee Tug & OJ Walker Advanced
July 22nd Thursday 5:30pm @WDC Coal Barge Advanced
July 25th Sunday 2:00pm @WDC General Butler & Horse Ferry Beginner
July 29th Thursday 4:30pm @WDC Horse Ferry Beginner
July 31st Saturday 10:00am @CB Sloop Island & Split Rock Advanced
August 4th Wednesday 5:30pm @WDC LaVallee Tug Advanced
August 8th Sunday 10:00am @WDC General Butler & Lone Rock Beginner
August 11th Wednesday 5:00pm @WDC Horse Ferry Beginner
August 15th Sunday 10:00am @WDC Willsboro Bay Intermediate
August 18th Wednesday 5:00pm @WDC General Butler Beginner
August 21st Saturday 10:00am @WDC Coal Barge & OJ Walker Advanced
August 25th Wednesday 5:00pm @WDC OJ Walker Intermediate
August 28th Saturday 10:00am @CB Champlain II & Ore Bed Harbor Beginner
September 1st Wednesday 4:30pm @WDC LaVallee Tug Advanced

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